Wash · Dry and Wifi
Utica, Michigan

Clear Token Mobile Payments

You can always pay with coins at Wash Dry and WiFi to start our washers and dryers. We have installed the Clear Token Mobile Payment System so that you don’t have to pump quarters into the coin slots.

You can simply download the Clear Token app for both blue tooth enabled Android and iOS devices. Next you can purchase tokens from our attendant and we will send the tokens directly to your phone. The Clear Token app uses blue tooth to allow you to see the washers and dryers and pay directly from you screen. Your phone keeps track of your tokens and we will also send you notifications when your wash is almost finished by text message.

You don’t have to pay for a laundry card or swipe a credit card reader to start our machines. everything can be accomplished intuitively right from your phone or tablets screen.

Tokens can additionally be purchased from Pay with Plastic.

The future of mobile payments is at Wash Dry and WiFi today.