General Information

All Clear Token products are manufactured using cutting edge Technology. We are the first solution offering a fully integrated Bluetooth LTE solution for ...

Flow Chart

How the process flows from app to action.

Clear Token Coin Parking Meter

Currently in development. Combination coin and Clear Token parking meter.

In Car Meter

Driver activates Clear Token's In Vehicle Parking Meter/Permit and alerts parking enforcement that the parking has been paid.

Metered Parking

After parking, the driver uses the Clear Token app to pay for parking. The sign flashes "PAID" for the amount of time purchased and parking enforcement sees that parking has been paid.

Electric Door Lock

Clear Token exploits a smart phone's BlueTooth and the phone's Internet connection to activate almost any electronic door lock.

Lock Boxes

These real estate key lock boxes will be replaced by Clear Token security boxes and/or door locks.

Bicycle Lockers

A complete bike locker application maintains security and allows public access. No longer a single user per locker. If a locker is available, it's available to the public.

Storage Lockers

Storage lockers controlled with Clear Token technology limits access without keys and locks.

Valet Key Locker

The Valet can load keys that are left at the end of the night and text the patron instructions for obtaining their keys.

Water Vending Machines

The Clear Token smartphone app provides a convenient way to dispense water from automated vending machines.

Laundry Machines

Clear Token is revolutionizing the coin laundry business. Customers pay for laundry services using the Clear Token app on their cell phones.

Bill Changer

Bill changers controlled by Clear Token technlogy can dispense tokens or coins.