Imonex and Clear Token

American Coin Op Feature.

Vending Trade Journal features Imonex and Clear Token integration....

Imonex Advertisement

Planet Laundry · September 2018

Imonex and Clear Token apear in an ad in the September 2018 issue of Planet Laundry...

Kroger vs. Visa

Kroger hates credit card fees.

Kroger is considering expanding a ban on Visa credit cards imposed by one of its subsidiaries, in the latest signal that retailers are preparing a fresh battle over the $90 billion they pay in swipe fees every year....

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Planet Laundry · March 2018

Imonex and Clear Token apear in an ad in the March 2018 issue of Planet Laundry. Imonex has imbedded Clear Token phone payment technology into their latest coin acceptance equipment....

Wash · Dry and WiFi

Clear Token Mobile Payments

You don’t have to pay for a laundry card or swipe a credit card reader to start our machines. everything can be accomplished intuitively right from your phone or tablets screen. Tokens can additionally be purchased...

Kennebec House

Down with quarters!

It’s a pain for you to get them and it’s a pain for me to count and roll them. I just installed the ClearToken way of paying for your laundry with your smart phone. Note: You can continue to use quarters, but from now on ClearToken is preferred.

Metrolink Metered Parking

Metrolink daily commuters will have another option to pay for parking.

The Clear Token metered signs have been installed in twenty keys spaces for riders to utilize these parking spaces without going to the permit machine or online to purchase...

Security Today

Using Bluetooth-enabled Devices as the Key to Remote Monitoring

As Bluetooth-enabled smartphones continue to proliferate as a standard means of connecting and communicating between devices, a natural progression will be the use of wireless...


BlueTooth Beacons

Clear Token modules have embedded beacon technology. At the present time all beacons are set to OFF and have not been implemented in the field. However, as more and more modules are installed, the beacon technology will be switched ON.

Parking Today

A New Technology for Parking LTE from Bluetooth

An overview of Clear Token in the parking industry. This article highlights the advantage of using Clear Token vs. Direct Credit Cards in the parking industry.

Parking Today

New IVPM Boasts Bluetooth-Driven Technology

This article outlines Clear Token's In Vehicle Parking Meter and its use for paid freight permit parking.

Vertical Response

Clear Token Mobile Payment Platform and Extended Parking Meter Battery Pack now available!

Clancy Systems, Inc.

Clancy Systems, Inc. has funded the development of Clear Token from the beginning.

Clancy believes that Clear Token’s BlueTooth technology has the potential to revolutionize access control using existing smart phone technology and the Internet to securely control all types of access.

Clear Token Brochures

A series of downloadable PDF brochures describing or products and services.